Galaxy Cyclone Braiger

(銀河旋風ブライガー, Ginga Senpū Buraigā)

Producer Shigeo Tsubota
Tokichi Aoki
Director Takao Yotsuji
Story & Script Yū Yamamoto
Mechanical Designer Hiroshi Onishi
Music Masayuki Yamamoto
Japanese October 06, 1981 -

Galaxy Cyclone Braiger (銀河旋風ブライガー Ginga Senpū Buraigā?, also known as Bryger, Brygar and Cosmo Runner) is a 1981 anime television series created by Kokusai Eigasha and Toei Animation. It is the first entry in the J9 Series.


In the year 2111, the solar system has been colonized. The colonized moons and planets are lawless and the police are helpless. In order to battle the evil within the solar system, Isaac Godonov creates J9, made up of himself, Blaster Kid, Speedy Bowie, and Angel Omachi. They are a team that will handle any missions the police will not with their robot Braiger... for a price. Meanwhile, the Nubia section of Earth has a plan to destroy Jupiter to create 30 more planets for human colonization. But this plan will result in the destruction of Earth [1].


# Episode Title Japanese Release Date
1 J9's Useless Sympathy (情無用のJ9 Nasake muyou no J9?) October 06, 1981
2 Explosive Asteroid (爆装アステロイド Bakusou Asuteroido?) October 13, 1981
3 Beans of Hell (地獄のビーナス jigoku no binasu?) October 20, 1981
4 Lawless West J-District (無法のウエストJ区 Muhō no uesuto J-ku?)





The anime was directed by Takao Yotsuji and written by original creator Yū Yamamoto. The character designer was Kazuo Komatsubara. Masayuki Yamamoto composed the music

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